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Welcome to Perversatees, where we embrace the power of laughter and tears our shirts will create. Our stance is a strong one and it's not everyone's flavor. THAT'S OKAY!

Our various topics, seen in the tags, range from political to health to "conspiracy theory." There is a reason for every shirt here as they have significance to the owners of the company. Let's talk about how we got here!

Our Inspiration: A Pleasant Life

Our journey began with the inspiration from "It's a Pleasant Life," our family's YouTube channel. Through our channel, we share the joys of working hard, trying new things, and experiencing life as a family. We believe that these values have been the cornerstone of society for generations, and we're passionate about preserving and promoting them.


Our Inspiration: The Other Side of Pleasant

Though we had the idea for this t-shirt company prior to launching our podcast The Other Side of Pleasant, we felt it could have an even greater purpose. Our podcast delves into the harsh realities of the court system, which inspires the category "Drain the Swamp." It's not just politicians and congressmembers, it's our local judges that neglect to apply the written law.

Championing Timeless Values

In a rapidly changing world, we recognize the importance of timeless values such as family, marriage, and the pursuit of ambitious goals. These values have stood the test of time and contributed to the strength of our society. Our T-shirts are a tribute to these ideals, and we hope they resonate with like-minded individuals who share our vision.

Make a Greater Difference

You may like our shirts, but if you love our mission, here is another way to participate!

US DAD'S Organization is a 501(c3) non-profit that our family also started in conjuction with our family podcast. We are not only supporting family goals and pointing out the damage caused by the corrupt system, we are lobbying our congressmembers to pass laws that will ACTUALLY make a difference.

In whatever capacity you choose to support us, we thank you for being a part of our journey.